Starting Monday, December 7th, head over to Zacuto's giveaway page and click on their 'Enter Here' button. Each day has designated companies that are offering gear, so take a look at which days appeal more to you (or just enter every damn day!). There will also be multiple ways to enter each day, increasing your odds. Winners are chosen randomly and notified at noon (CST) starting on the 8th. Companies include Zacuto, Kessler, Adobe, Atomos, ThinkTank Photo, Cinebags, Music Bed and more.

Zacuto Holiday Giveaway 2015

If you've had trouble affording their gear in the past, this is a good time to try to collect some of the red stuff (for free). They've also got a lot of deals running on new gear through the Holiday Season. Mark your calendars!

Source: Zacuto