Though the first batch of microRemotes had some issues, the company has been working hard to improve both the hardware and software over the last few years, and it's a much more polished product than when it was first introduced (something that we really expect from all hardware manufacturers these days).

Redrock microRemote Firmware 4.0 Image 1

Here's what's new in the 4.0 Firmware:

  • 50% more torque during calibration
  • Swap batteries and keep your lens calibration
  • Auto-calibrate your lenses from the hand unit
  • Manually set your lens end points using hand unit or fingerwheel

Redrock microRemote Firmware 4.0 Image 1

Speed is important when you're on set, so the last thing you want is a lens calibration slowing you down. If you don't own one already, packages start around $2,500, and you can add more accessories from there depending on your needs and whether you're operating a gimbal and want the additional fingerwheel.

Redrock microRemote Firmware 4.0 Image 3

If you already own one, you can head on over to this link to update your base station. 

Source: Redrock microRemote Firmware Update