We've seen lots of DIY bullet time rigs -- some that use some pretty interesting materials, like a GoPro and a ceiling fan. But pro skier Nicolas Vuignier has come up with a pretty cool way of capturing slo-mo bullet time shots by simply twirling an iPhone around on a string.

Okay, these shots aren't technically bullet time, since that would require capturing each frame from different angles and then stitching them together in post. However, if you're able to spin your iPhone (or I imagine you could also use a GoPro or other action cam -- or smartphone) fast enough, the illusion will be pretty much the same.

This technique seems like it'd be relatively simple to pull off, but Vuignier says that it took him about 2 years of "tinkering and tweaking" to get this rig to work just right. And unfortunately this video doesn't show exactly how he managed to fasten his iPhone to the string -- which is probably the most important part of being able to do this -- but he's planning on uploading a video tutorial to his YouTube channel for those who are interested in trying his technique themselves. So stay tuned!

Source: Nicolas Vuignier