If you are just starting out in VFX, this video from RocketJump Film School offers a great introduction into the art form, explaining core concepts like compositing, keying, and matte painting.

Core Concepts

  • Compositing: combining different elements into a single image
  • Tracking: matching the movements of live footage with your VFX elements (also called match moving or motion tracking)
  • Rotoscoping: manually cutting out or tracing elements in the shot in order to add VFX elements
  • Keying: using a color (typically green or blue) as a matte layer to allow you to incorporate VFX elements into a background
  • Matte painting: painting on glass or other material to give the illusion of a landscape that isn't there
  • 3D modeling: RocketJump lists a bunch of concepts in this section, but they'll cover it all more in depth in a later video.

Getting into VFX is an exciting decision for artists, because, quite literally, you can make anything you can think of. However, it's an incredibly technical craft that requires a ton of study and practice, but RocketJump did a great job of not only showing you the basics, but (hopefully) whetting your appetites to seek out more information.

Source: RocketJump Film School