The platform has grown quite a bit since the beginning, and starting with Apple Final Cut Pro X, we got direct integration right inside the edit suite in a streamlined way. Now, is announcing that they are integrating their software with Premiere Pro in order to give you real-time collaboration in one of the most popular NLEs out there today:

And as a refresher, check out some previous updates from, including FCPX integration:

And the standalone app:

Here's more from on the features:

It’s much more than an integration, it’s the entire application, redesigned and reengineered for the Adobe panel architecture. 

This product is based on decades of real world experience sitting in the editors chair. It’s the most direct and communicative workflow for collaboration between your team members and clients. The panel has been in development for 7 months and it’s the biggest product update we’ve made since launching Frame.o. We're working hard to release it but you can check out the sneak peek now and sign up to get notified when it’s launched! 

Highlight features:

  • A shared cloud bin that multiple editors can work from
  • One click import and export of sequences, project files, and entire bins. 
  • Real-time comments directly in your Premiere timeline with no marker syncing
  • Auto versioning for rapid iteration on creative ideas 
  • Comment marker syncing for when you do not have an internet connection 
  • Sync’d playback in and your Premiere timeline 

This integration removes several layers of miscommunication which is so often introduced in the creative process.

Being able to collaborate right in the edit is essential for making the feedback process quick and easy, and now that it's going to be integrated directly into Premiere, there are no hoops to jump through. It should make working with a team on an edit that much easier. offers a free version with limited storage for small teams, but for bigger projects that want more storage, there are monthly subscriptions ranging anywhere from $15 to $150. If you want to try out NLE integration right now and have FCPX, you can look for it here.

As for Premiere integration, we'll have much more for you when it officially launches next month. 

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