Tiffen Shows off Lens-Mounted Filter Holder & 2 New Diffusion Filters

Tiffen Filters makes improvements to their filter line for cinematographers by adding a 4x4 filter holder as well as vintage-inspired diffusion filters.

Landscape photographers are no stranger to strapping 4x4 or 4x5.65 filters to the front of their lenses, but cinematographers would have to use a supporting matte box. Tiffen's new Pro 100 Series Filter Holder allows photographers or run-and-gun shooters to attach those filters to the front of any lens with an 82mm thread or less. The filters are snugly secured in the mount via rubber grips and can also be rotated.

Tiffen also added two new filters to their diffusion line, the Antique Pearlescent and the Warm Satin. These were made with 4K footage in mind, which may seem "too sharp" to some. Generally, these filters are designed to soften skin tones and bloom the highlights as a throwback to the film age. While some may argue that the digital era allows us to do all of this in post, you save time by doing it in-camera — and who doesn't like to do it the old-fashioned way?

No Film School's complete coverage of NAB 2016 is brought to you by My RØDE Reel, Shutterstock, and Blackmagic Design.

No Film School's complete coverage of NAB 2016 is brought to you by My RØDE Reel, Shutterstock, and Blackmagic Design.

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As someone who's used one of these on-the-lens systems—avoid them for all video work. Seriously. Reflections are a nightmare, especially when you stack more than one filter. No cover on the edge of the filters + no matte box to prevent other reflections is a terrible idea. Learned this the hard way.

May 1, 2016 at 5:59PM

David S.

Thoughts on camera taping around them to block light for things like gimble rigs? Totally get the problem with reflections but would you just be better off forking the cash over for a light weight matte box or stripping the camera down a bit to compensate for the weight difference of a normal matte box over this? I have taped filters to the front of the lens before and this seems like a workable solution, would love your opinion.

May 2, 2016 at 8:42PM

Will Prosor
DoP/Gimbal OP