If you want to change the tone of a scene, one of the easiest ways to do it is with music. Understanding the power music has to affect your audience psychologically will help you make your films more dynamic and effective.

Here to teach you how to harness it is Film Riot's Ryan Connolly. Check out his video lesson below:

Chances are you're familiar enough with how music changes a scene, but one thing Connolly mentions that I found particularly interesting is the connection he makes to music's psychological effects to those of editing, known as the Kuleshov Effect. Your scene can change its entire meaning simply by having different music. That might seem a little obvious and unimpressive, but if you look at the base elements of film—the frame, the cut, the sound—the storytelling power of their assembly becomes pretty astonishing.

Learning the many emotional correlations between different sounds and music, as well as the effects they have on the human brain, is something that all filmmakers should take the time to study at length. Not only will you be able to know which pieces of music work for your projects, but you'll also be able to experiment and invent new ways to produce desired psychological effects.

Source: Film Riot