"We don’t buy content," reads the description for the new BitTorrent Discovery Fund. "Because f*ck content. Because music and film is more than that. Because outside voices need to be heard." 

In keeping with BitTorrent's devil-may-care brand, the company is seeking "uncompromising and original" work from filmmakers, artists, and musicians alike to apply to its new fund. The company will award 25 creators up to $100,000 total in cash grants and promotional resources in an effort to "help artists unlock new fans and build impactful releases."

Antithetical to its previous reputation as a piracy mecca, the new face of BitTorrent aims to empower creators. In June, the company launched Bundle, a streaming service that promises filmmakers 70% of ad revenue and 90% of all direct sales revenue for transactional purchases of their content—well above the industry standard. Winners of the BitTorrent Discovery Fund will retain rights to their content after a 30-day exclusivity window with the company.

Because BitTorrent is a distribution platform, it will prioritize applicants with projects that are already in progress. "It’s really about getting [the project] over the line, in collaboration with the creator," said Straith Schreder, VP of Creative Initiatives at the company. 

The first winner, SXSW sensation collective: unconscious, has already been announced and is streaming for free on the BitTorrent Now platform.

Application requirements

  • Project description (3 pages or less): Tell us about what you are working on.
  • Team description (3 pages or less): Introduce yourself, your team, and any similar work you’ve done.
  • Release description (3 pages or less): Lay out a clear, specific timeline with your goals and budget.
  • Sample references: Provide sample work from the team and/or similar references to your project.
  • Acceptance of terms: Download Terms & Conditions and include a signed copy with the rest of your application.

To apply, email a PDF of your application, along with a signed copy of the Terms & Conditions, to discoveryfund@bittorrent.com

Top article photo from collective: unconscious.