Casio's new 360° EX-FR200 camera is a modular design, with the lens and imager detachable from the LCD viewfinder. Communicating over bluetooth, there are two main hard layouts: "camera" mode, and then "selfie" mode, but IMO neither takes the best advantage of what the system was designed for. In fact, with its 185° field of view, selfies would be pretty distorted with this camera if you got the lens close enough to fill the frame with your face.  

EX-FR200 mounting options"Selfie" and "Camera" mode for the EX-FR200Credit: Casio

The real power for this system requires buying two lens modules and attaching them together in a low-cost 360° camera rig that is designed for easy remote control with the viewfinder module. Since both cameras are individually capable of 4K video, combining the two imagers allows for 8K circular content creation.

The EX-FR200 ships this September, and while it will initially only be available in Japan, that doesn't stop those truly dedicated to getting into 360° shooting from finding a way to purchase.

Tech Specs:

  • Slo-mo up to 240fps
  • Waterproof, Freeze-Proof, Drop Resistant
  • 180° 3888x3888 single camera mode
  • 360° 7456x1864 panorama
  • 13.4mm lens equivalent (1.35mm actual)
  • Bluetooth 2.1, Wifi
  • MicroSD