Have you ever heard of a woman who was nominated for an Oscar for Best Cinematography? Nah? That's because, in the entire history of the Academy Awards, not a single female cinematographer has been on the list. It's the only category for which that statement holds true—and it's not for want of eligible women producing awards-worthy work. (Why didn't Maryse Alberti get nominated for Creed?)

That being said, there are far fewer female cinematographers getting hired than their male counterparts. As of 2015's Celluloid Ceiling report, female cinematographers shot only 6% of the top 250-grossing films that year. With collectives and databases of talented female DPs readily available online, what will it take to dispel the myth that cinematography is a man's job?

Fandor Keyframe's Jacob T. Swinney highlighted some of the best working female cinematographers today. Commit these names to memory; one day, you'll hear them at the Oscars.

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