Making films is extremely fun and rewarding, but one aspect that many beginners don't expect when heading into a project is how physically demanding it can be. Here to help you avoid some on-set unpleasantries, like sore feet, wet clothes, and chilly fingers is Ryan Connolly from Film Riot, who lists a bunch of gear that'll come in handy in all different types of situations you might face while shooting a film.

Since filmmaking, especially if you're just shooting with your friends, carries a pretty casual atmosphere, it's easy to show up to set unprepared wearing a T-shirt, shorts, and a random pair of shoes. But don't do this, because the wrong clothes can cause big problems! So, wear your most comfortable shoes, bring along rain gear and some warm stuff in case it rains/gets cold, and try to wear dark clothes that aren't distracting.

Connolly also mentions some random items that you may have never thought to bring to set, but really wish you had once you're there, like deodorant, baby powder, Vaseline, Pepto-Bismol, Ibuprofen, snacks, a multitool (Leathermans are good), a flashlight, and a Sharpie.

Also, water. Lots of it.

What are some other supplies would you say are essential to bring on set? Let us know down in the comments!

Source: Film Riot