It wasn't even six months ago that DJI introduced the M600 drone to the world, which was designed to carry heavier payloads and offer users expert control in flight, but the company hasn't wasted any time building upon the success of the Matrice line with the M600 Pro.

The M600 Pro has all of the features of its predecessor, but with better portability, accessorizing capabilities, and control. This drone has also been upgraded with DJI's A3 Pro Flight Controller technology, which significantly increases its flight performance, and also comes equipped with the Lightbridge 2 HD transmission system and Intelligent Batteries and Battery Management system. 

Flight times and max payload are about the same as the M600 (No Payload: 38 min; 6 kg Payload: 18 mins), but the A3 Flight Controller and Intelligent Battery Management system make the M600 Pro more reliable while its in the air. Besides, that's still the ability to fly a heavy MFT camera and a Ronin gimbal for up to 18 minutes at a transmission range of 3 miles (5 km)—I'd say that's pretty decent.



Key Features

  • A3 Pro Flight Controller, Superlative Performance.
  • Complete Integration, Ultra Convenient
  • Charge Six Batteries Simultaneously
  • Aerial Imaging Solution
  • Extended Flight Time and Transmission Range
  • Professional HD Transmission

Furthermore, the M600 Pro was built with arms and antennas already installed to reduced setup time, which was a bit of an issue with the M600, and its modular design allows users to mount additional modules. If you're a fan of DJI's Zenmuse cameras and gimbals, good news—they're all natively compatible with the M600 Pro, and the drone is fully integrated with third party software/hardware.






The DJI M600 Pro is shipping now for $5000. To learn more, head on over to DJI.

Source: DJI