This year, Masterclass has given us office hours with the likes of Werner Herzog and Aaron Sorkin. As of today, you'll be able to enroll for a course with legendary film composer Hans Zimmer, as well. You can sign up for pre-enrollment for Zimmer's class right here, but the full class will not be available until January 2017.

In a promotional video, Zimmer, who's scored everything from The Lion King to The Dark Knight, implores aspiring composers to stop making excuses and start writing music.

"Ideas are not limited by budget," Zimmer insists. "The creative process takes place in your head." What's more, in the four-time Grammy winner's opinion, "the interesting ideas come from some kid in a garage in the Bronx. You just need to break through the myth that you can’t create a great Hollywood blockbuster on an iPad. If you have a story, you can do whatever you want to do."

From Masterclass:

"In his first ever online class, Zimmer will teach aspiring filmmakers and musicians how to use music to tell a story. The MasterClass will delve into the inner workings of musical composition covering topics such as how to create new sound palates, establish a tempo, score to dialogue and picture, and use sound to tell a story. Through Zimmer’s personal instruction, students will study examples of his work including breaking down the sounds that helped create memorable characters such as The Joker from Batman and Sherlock Holmes."

The course features 30 video lessons, a course book, and the ever-popular office hours for which Masterclass is well known. The course is priced at a reasonable $90.