What better way to celebrate the holidays than by watching a Christmas-themed 8-Bit Cinema video, CineFix's famous video series that recreates famous films. This time it's Home Alone that gets all video gamey as Kevin McCallister, in all his adolescent angst and ingenuity, sets traps to foil the Wet Bandits from burglarizing his family's beautiful Winnetka Georgian home.

It's actually kind of funny, because Home Alone already has an 8-bit video game version of itself. Back in 1991, the Home Alone trap-em-up video game was made for several consoles, including ones for Nintendo, Sega, and PC. You can contrast and compare the CineFix 8-Bit Cinema version and the real video game version by checking some of the actual gameplay below.

And as a little stocking stuffer, here's another one of CineFix's videos centered around Home Alone, but this time you get to learn about a few interesting facts about the production of the film, like how director Chris Columbus used potato flakes to create those blustery, snowy scenes. (And yes, that means that eventually the cast and crew were walking around in mashed potatoes. This is why people love the movies.)

Happy Holidays, buddies!

Source: CineFix