We all know that it's fun to put camera equipment through hell, whether it's slicing them in half with a waterjet or crushing them with a hydraulic press. Now we get to see what happens when you drop a GoPro HERO5 and HERO5 Session into pure liquid nitrogen—you know—for science, not our insatiable need for chaos and destruction. The "King of Random" Grant Thompson tests the two cameras to see for how long they'll record before completely freezing over, as well as if they still work once thawed out.

Granted, none of you are likely going to be dropping your GoPros into liquid nitrogen, but it's still interesting to see what would happen if you did. It was actually pretty impressive how both cameras lasted over a minute fully submerged and remained fully operational once thawed—even the HERO5's LCD screen came back to life after the crystals froze. The only real drawback (when it comes to dropping your GoPro into liquid nitrogen) was that all the data recorded was lost after the cameras were frozen solid.

What does all this say about the GoPro HERO5 and HERO5 Session? Not a whole hell of a lot other than it seems to stand up well against being frozen solid by liquid nitrogen—which, I mean, they should definitely add to their tech specs. (It's a major selling point!)

Now where's the video where a hydraulic press crushes these frozen GoPros?

Source: Grant Thompson