Split, M. Night Shyamalan's horror film about a group of women who are abducted by a guy with 23 different personalities, hit theaters on the 20th. It has garnered some pretty decent reviews, even receiving a Certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes with a respectable 74%. It has been characterized as a "straight up" horror film complete with classic (tired?) genre tropes, including a damn cool and creepy title sequence to boot. If you're in the mood for an old fashioned post-production tutorial sesh, the folks at PremiumBeat show you how to replicate the ominous looking titles from Split in Premiere Pro below:

Even though doing post tutorials is the filmmakers' equivalent to clubbing, perhaps more important than learning the how is understanding what it takes to design effective titles in the first place. 

Your titles should reflect your project, and could potentially even communicate its themes. Take a look at how the titles from Split serve the film: Split is a horror film about a guy with "split" personalities; the titles are dark, shadowy, and distorted (i.e. scary) and represent the theme by being split in multiple places itself.

Find the elements that characterize your film and try to translate them over to your titles. Easy right?

Here's the trailer to Split in case you want to see the real titles in action. They start near the end at about the 2:19 mark.

Source: PremiumBeat