Learn the best practices for cleaning your lenses.

Lenses get dirty—all of that dust, dirt, and oil from your grimy fingers always seem to find their way onto them. Glass is durable, but the coatings on them make them more vulnerable to damage, which is why you should know how to correctly clean and care for them, especially before smudges and streaks ruin your shots. In this video from Fangs Film Gear, you'll learn what you'll need to keep your lenses spick and span.

There are a few tools that really come in handy for lens upkeep: blowers, brushes, and cleaning cloths. Blowers are helpful because they allow you to avoid having materials come into contact with the glass, but brushes also work well. Blowers and brushes are good for dust and dirt, but for oily smudges, like fingerprints, cleaning cloths work much better.

Other than proper cleaning tools, here are a few things you should know about lens care:

  • Always hold your lens upside down when using a blower, so the dust/dirt falls away from the lens.
  • Clean in circular motions, starting from the center out (this helps avoid streaking).
  • Consider using filters, so it, rather than your lens, takes all of the dust, dirt, and oil.
  • Don't spray lens cleaner directly on your lens, but rather onto a cleaning cloth.
  • Use lens tissue only once.
  • Always use lens caps, front and back.
  • Clean your lens when necessary (if it's packed away with caps on for months, you probably don't need to clean it).
  • Take special care of your lens' rear element, since it affects image quality the most.
  • An alternative to a dedicated lens cleaner is reagent-grade isopropyl alcohol.
  • If you're absolutely desperate, a 100% cotton T-shirt works okay.

Another great resource for learning how to care for your lenses is this post from B&H

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Featured image source: B&H

Source: Fangs Film Gear