NFS is excited to have RØDE as our official sponsor for our Sundance 2017 coverage, but we're even more excited my their product announcements earlier this week. RØDE revealed the spec of their new VideoMic Pro+, an upgrade to their industry leading on-camera VideoMic Pro, plus the first ever microphone designed to capture 3D audio on-camera, the VideoMic Soundfield.

Check out RØDE's product launch video below. You can jump to 19:48 in the video timecode to hear the announcements for the new VideoMic Pro+ and the VideoMic Soundfield for 3D on-camera audio. If you don't have time, we've got the specs outlined for you below:

RØDE's VideoMic Pro has become a standard on-board mic for run-and-gun shooters and DIYers of all types, using a wide variety of cameras. Back in August, RØDE added the Rycote Lyre suspension system to the VideoMic Pro along with updates to its windscreen and camera cable. The VideoMic Pro+ takes those updates further, recognizing the needs of shooters out in the field and the demands they put on their on-camera mics.

Key features of the VideoMic Pro+ include:

  • Separate control for output levels
  • A two-stage high-pass filter at 75 Hz & 150 Hz
  • High frequency shelf to control signal capture at the source
  • A new detachable 3.5 mm output cable
    • Allows users to remove the standard TRS output cable and attach any RØDE SC cables to make the microphone suitable for any camera rig
    • Locking connector ring to connect to professional XLR inputs on cameras
  • Improved windshield
    • Uses microfibers to further improve wind resistance by increasing the volume of the windshield and providing more protection for the capsule
    • Microphone capsule sits higher
    • Windshield cover is optimized for shooting in all environments
  • Improved battery capacity and power functions
    • Microphone can now operate on two AA batteries
    • New LB1 lithium-ion high-capacity rechargeable battery fits in same AA battery compartment with a battery life of 100 hours of continuous use
    • Battery can be internally charged via the VMP+’s micro USB port
    • Fully charged in two hours
    • Microphone can be powered continuously via micro USB even without a battery
    • Improved battery door for ease of use
    • 3.5 mm output cable features automatic power function, detecting power from the camera’s microphone input when the camera is turned on and off, automatically switching the microphone on and off simultaneously with the camera or when 3.5 mm output cable is detached

In November 2016, Freedman Electronics, the parent company of RØDE Microphones, purchased Soundfield. As a result of that acquisition, RØDE has announced the first ever on-camera microphone designed to capture 3D audio: the VideoMic Soundfield.

VideoMic SoundfieldCredit: RØDE Microphones

Here are the highlights:

  • 3D audio from a single microphone with four capsules
  • Can create mono, stereo, 5.1 and width-height surround sound from single microphone
  • Can derive 3D audio live for live broadcasts or in post, allowing sound editors to create the desired output after the recording has happened
  • Microphone captures 4-channel audio in Soundfield A Format, then converts to Soundfield B Format onboard for immediate control of the signal right at the point of capture
  • Facebook, Google, YouTube, Oculus Rift currently support Soundfield B Format as a native audio format for VR games and apps
  • VideoMic Soundfield uses VideoMic architecture with the Soundfield four-capsule microphone architecture
  • Users can choose between 3 different polar patterns
    • Mono-signal similar to VMP, picking up only the sound in front of the camera
    • Narrow stereo array, separating background noise from stereo ambience in front
    • Wide stereo array to capture ambience like music or nature sounds
  • Multi-pin output to access balanced 4-channel ambisonic signal directly from the mic
  • Windshield is same material as VMP+
  • Features the same Rycote Lyre suspension mount as VMP+

Release dates and prices have yet to be announced, but RØDE has said that both the VideoMic Pro+ and the VideoMic Soundfield will be priced to be accessible to both consumers and professionals alike.

Source: RØDE Microphones