Filtration for fisheye lenses has always been difficult, but Tadashi has a solution for extreme filmmakers at a nearly disposable price.

For certain portions of the filmmaking world, a fisheye isn't an occasional lens, it's a daily use mainstay. Skateboarding and other action sports live on the widest lens they can shoot and get as close to the action as possible, which puts your lens at the risk of damage if you don't have some form of protection. The curved front of most fisheye glass makes this difficult since screw-on filters won't fit, and a matte box and slide-in filters weigh down your package.

Tadashi has now come out with two filters, the Basic and the Pro, for protecting your fisheye lens from spit, dust, dog slobber or a skate deck slamming right into the lens.

Unfortunately, the filter is only available in clear for now with no ND or other options available, which is unsurprising since the curved glass will make consistent ND filtration difficult. The Pro comes with a military-grade lens coating for long-term durability, but Tadashi actually recommends for the most extreme work to use the Basic and treat it as a disposable element. This makes a lot of sense: better to break a $17 dollar filter than a $1,000 lens. Plus, Tadashi sells it in a two-pack so you can keep shooting after you break the first one. The unit mounts to your lens using shock bands, which should make it compatible with a wide array of lenses.

Elijahakerley_wallienollie_grandeGet this close without worrying about lens damage with the Tadashi filter.Credit: Tadashi

Available from B&H for $17 for the Basic, $38 for the Pro.

Tech Specs:

  • No vignetting (100% unobstructed field of view).
  • Fits on most fisheye DSLR lenses (3½ inches / 88mm in diameter or less).
  • 92% light transmission.
  • Less than 2% distortion.
  • Includes microfiber carrying pouch, microfiber cleaning cloth, set of extra shock bands

Tadashi_2_setTadashi 2-packCredit: Tadashi