Back in November, GoPro announced a full and complete recall of their much hyped Karma drone after reports of the quadcopter losing power and falling out of the sky. About 2500 units were shipped back after only 16 days of being on the market, but today the action camera company has announced that they have addressed the problem and are putting the Karma back on the shelves.

According to GoPro, the fatal flaw in the Karma's design was its battery latch, which must've allowed the batteries to become loose and cause power failures. Other than redesigning the latch, however, the drone is the same drone, with the same features and construction, that was initially released. GoPro said in their blog post today:

To clarify, this Karma is the same Karma that launched last year—to the naked eye. If you break the construction down, you’d see that we’ve redesigned the battery latch. A small change that led to a huge improvement.​ 

GoPro also said that the Karma will only be available to select U.S. retailers and won't make its way to international markets until the Spring. This is a clear sign that the company is approaching the re-release with a bit of necessary caution.

The Karma is currently available for pre-order on B&H, with the aircraft alone being $400 and the HERO5 Black bundle being $1100. To learn more about the Karma's re-release, head on over to GoPro's website.

GoPro Karma Quadcopter—B&H

Source: GoPro