Final Cut Pro X has always had a great price, at just $299 for the powerful software. As a bonus, there has been no upgrade price since it came out in 2011; if you paid $299 for it the month it came out, your license is still good six years later for the most current version, which works out to only $50/year, or around $4.50/month. There is no guarantee that the no-fee upgrade policy will continue (unlike a software like Resolve, where a dongle purchase comes with upgrades guaranteed), but so far it's held up and proven to be a great investment for its users.

Final_cut_2Credit: Apple

In a $199 bundle for students and educators, the platform is an even better deal, especially with the inclusion of Compressor. Filmmakers haven't taken to Logic and MainStage en masse, but having those apps along in the bundle is a nice bonus if you also happen to be a composer or musician. Purchased separately, the Apple apps run up to $630. Even just the two apps most filmmakers will rely on, FCP and Compressor, would set you back $348 without the discount.

The cost of the bundle works out to less than the price of a year's academic subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, which is $19.99/month, though of course that suite includes more than just the Premiere editing app. However, unlike Creative Cloud, you can keep on using this software, and likely upgrading it, long after that year is up. 

CompressorCompressorCredit: Apple

You can purchase the academic bundle here, but will need to prove your status as a student, teacher, or school staff, typically through the use of a school email or copy of your school ID.