Martin Scorsese's ear for music is just about as good as his eye for pictures. Some of his most iconic shots are accompanied by equally iconic tracks from bands like The Band, Bob Dylan, and of course, The Rolling StonesWho can forget The Stones' Gimme Shelter behind the husky narration of Jack Nicholson's Frank Costello in the opening sequence of The Departed?

But Scorsese's involvement in the music scene goes much deeper than simply having good taste. In addition to his prolific career in feature films, he’s made a number of music documentaries and concert films, including 1978’s The Last Waltz, which captured The Band’s farewell concert, spearheading the documentary series The Blues for PBS; 2005’s No Direction Home, on Bob Dylan; the majorly influential Rolling Stones doc Shine a Light; and 2011’s Living in the Material World, on George Harrison.

Kudos to Thrillist for undergoing this massive effort. Writer Anna Silman laid down some baseline statistics: "As might be expected, The Rolling Stones take the crown for most featured artist, with a total of 14 appearances," but "Ray Charles, Eric Clapton, and Louis Prima all put up some decent numbers, too." As Open Culture points out, "enjoy it 'on shuffle with some egg noodles and ketchup.' And if you get the reference right away, the playlist will certainly bring back some of your most vivid cinematic memories."