Glengarry Glen Ross. The Untouchables. American Buffalo. The Verdict. Wag the Dog. Oleanna. Many writers can create great dialogue, but only one inspired the adjective "Mametesque." And yet, to focus only on David Mamet's brilliant dialogue in his plays and screenplays is to miss the much bigger picture that Mamet is a master at crafting intricate tales that don't waste a beat.

Now, Mamet wants to share his perspective on writing stories with his own MasterClass for only $90, joining previous MasterClass teachers Steve Martin, Aaron Sorkin, and Shonda Rhimes.

Many years ago, I had the good fortune to work with David Mamet when I was the on-set assistant to the producer Sarah Green on State and Main. I learned a lot about screenwriting as Mamet handed me and his assistant Robert Milazzo rewritten pages from his typewriter each day during pre-production to enter into Final Draft for the next production draft. I also learned that Mamet is a very generous man, being very open about his creative process and recognizing crew members for their contributions to the production. And he is extremely funny, which means this MasterClass will not only be highly educational, it will also be very entertaining.

This MasterClass includes 25 video classes, comprising over 5 hours of video, plus a downloadable workbook, and the chance to have Mamet himself critique your work. You can pre-enroll here and receive notification when the class begins later this spring.

Featured image: David Mamet and Helen Mirren on the set of 'Phil Spector'. Photo by Phil Caruso.