Pomfort's Silverstack has long been the dominant software for on-set data management, but with the new release of Silverstack Lab, the company has created a one-stop-shop for accomplishing all of your media related tasks in one interface. With Lab, DITs can now not only be confident in their data and color management, but also create dailies both for edit and for client review all on one interface. By including automated timecode syncing, Silverstack Lab should save productions a tremendous amount of time on set, preventing the DIT from being stuck on location an hour after everyone has left waiting on processes to finish.

Of course, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve offers some similar functionality, and it is free, but Resolve has always maintained its focus on post-production and final finishing, and thus doesn't have the dedicated focus on making on-set workflow fast and efficient that Silverstack Lab does. Pomfort also makes the popular DIT software LiveGrade which handles on set grading and LUT management for a variety of monitoring situations, which can be tremendously helpful if you need one LUT going to the client's monitor and another going to the director's monitor, with a clean feed for the DP.  If you want to finish in Resolve, don't worry, color work done in Silverstack doesn't get stuck there. You can get your looks out to Resolve for your final grade with color decision list functionality, or you can export a LUT.

Pomfort_silverstack_lab_metadata_cdl_audioCredit: Pomfort

Silverstack comes in a little pricy at $899/year for a subscription, but it is available for a one month rental for $99, which could be a good fit for a single project where you want the power and functionality without committing to the expense of a full year. Available now with a free 14 day trial at Pomfort.com.

Tech specs:

  • Automatic timecode audio sync
  • Second GPU use for transcoding
  • Dailies in DNxHD MXF (ProRes and H.264 available in all Silverstack versions, not just lab)
  • Burn in and watermarking
  • Multichannel audio support
  • Metadata sidecar file creation