All filmmakers love a good hack, especially when they're not only incredibly useful, but also delivered rapid fire in under a minute. In this video by Sheldon Evans, you'll get to learn some pretty clever ways to move your camera, diffuse light, and even how to fake bokeh. The best part about it is that none of these tricks are going to cost you anything—just quick, free, MacGyveresque hacks for you to bust out on your next project. Check the video out below:

Even though we try to prepare for anything and everything on a film shoot, something is always bound to go wrong. This is why it's important to know a few tricks to get yourself out of these sticky situations, otherwise you'll be up the creek without a paddle—or a diffuser.

Here are the tricks mentioned in the video:

  • Use a plastic bag as a makeshift diffuser.
  • Towels make excellent emergency camera sliders.
  • For product shots, throw a wallpaper or image on your computer for sweet backgrounds.
  • Use a CD or DVD to create lens flare effects.
  • Holding a lit match near your lens creates a cool film burn look.

Now, go out and test these tricks out. Make MacGyver proud.

Source: Sheldon Evans