Making movies can cost a ton of money and as indie filmmakers, it's kind of in our job description to always be on the hunt for ways to trim down our budgets. One way of doing that is by taking advantage of the many tax incentives available in different parts in the world, but because financing, especially when it comes to taxes, isn't the most sexy part of the filmmaking process, filmmakers tend to miss out on these opportunities.

But Variety411 aims to make all of that dull and unglamorous work a whole lot easier with their interactive production tax incentive database. All you have to do is click on an area of the world that you'd like to shoot your film and boom—the map conveniently pulls up current information on the type of incentives the location provides, like transferable tax credits, tax rebates, cash grants, tax grants, and tax credits, as well as other pertinent information for filmmakers looking to shoot movies there. You can even click on the specific state or region you want and be taken to a page full of more information on how to apply for incentives, complete with names, phone numbers, and emails for the film commissions and organizations that have jurisdiction in the area.


The one drawback to this resource is that data is only available for six countries, however there is data in four major filmmaking hubs, including the United States, the UK, France, and Canada (all of which are in the top 15 film industries in the world). The other countries included in the map are New Zealand and Australia.

If you're ready to save some money on your production, head on over to Variety411 and get started!

Source: Variety411