When we think of GoPro footage we tend to think about snowboarders flying through the air, scuba divers getting friendly with sea life, and drones hovering over volcanoes. While those things are always pretty cool, they just don't compare to the awesomeness of an astronaut capturing the amazing emptiness of space from their point of view, which is exactly what ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet did on a recent spacewalk on the International Space Station. Check it out below:

Pesquet was accompanied by NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough to do some work on the ISS, including installing the second International Docking Adapter, as well as a new computer relay box. And even if the importance and general understanding of their tasks goes way over your head (like they did mine), the beautiful POV shots recorded by Pesquet will surely inspire awe in anyone who witnesses them.

Obviously, the vacuum of space made sure that this video returned to our home planet without any sound, but PetaPixel hunted down the audio from the spacewalk and found it on Soundcloud. Now you can enjoy both while you revel in the glory of space!

What is the most awe-inspiring action cam video you've ever seen? What kinds of amazing things would you like to see an action cam capture? Let us know down in the comments!

Source: NASA Johnson