It afflicts those you know, those you care about, that guy you saw at NAB who left a puddle of his own drool behind at every booth. Hey bro, hey sis, it might even be afflicting you. Gear Acquisition Syndrome (G.A.S.) is a problem that can touch any filmmaker, whether young, old, noob or pro, but luckily there is a new pharmaceutical drug—or new pharmaceutical drug ad, rather—that aims to help sufferers get over their insufferable suffering. Introducing Noventus, the non-FDA approved cure for your irrational desire to keep buying camera stuff.

Raise your hand if you wish there really was a drug that cured filmmakers of G.A.S.—me too. Though this spoof was delightfully funny, it actually speaks to a real issue that many in the filmmaking community have.

I'm pretty sure that most of us, at some point in our careers, had an obsession with getting our hands on gear, whether the focus was on always having the latest and greatest stuff or amassing an insane amount of it. At the beginning of my filmmaking journey, I fell into the second category pretty easily. After I bought my second camera, I went out and dropped all of my college grant money on tripods, lights, lenses, a MacBook Pro for editing, and a pricey 35mm adapter (those were cool and necessary back then). 

But guess what—I didn't become a better of a filmmaker once I had all of that stuff, and to be completely honest, I really thought I would. The fact is, gear doesn't make art, artists make art.

Source: Tony and Chelsea Northrup