Almost every movie has a scene in which there's a knock at the door—if you're working on a project right now you most likely have one, too. There's a pretty straightforward way of dealing with this kind of situation, which is simply having your subject open the door, but another way that filmmakers have done it is through the peephole POV. This technique not only adds a little more style to your scene, but it also serves as an interesting introduction to characters that are about to walk through the door and into the scene. Check out this PremiumBeat tutorial to find out how to pull it off in Adobe After Effects.

The cool thing about this peephole POV effect is that you don't need a ton of extra stuff to do it. All you need is your footage, a peephole layer, and a lens dirt texture to really sell the illusion that it's a dirty ol' peephole. And lucky for you, you don't have to source it all yourself. PremiumBeat has made their project files, complete with all of the necessary assets, available to download for free. They also provide a link to the texture they used in the tutorial, which is free from kerast on DeviantArt. Even if you're not a huge fan of the peephole layer or dirt texture, there are almost literally an endless amount of other options, many of them free, that you can find online.

If you're ready to get started and give this tutorial a go, head on over the PremiumBeat to download the project files.

Source: PremiumBeat