Just a couple weeks ago, we excitedly shared Rakkathe first short film to come out of Oats, Neill Blomkamp's new, experimental indie studio-slash-sci-fi-playground. True to its mold-breaking form, the studio has already released a second—and even more complex—27-minute film. Firebase is a dizzying new take on the Vietnam movie, with some supernatural creatures mixed in to make the warfare even more grotesque and visceral. 

Also per the studio's unconventional mission, the film is available free but has several valuable assets available for download to anyone willing to contribute $4.99 on its Steam page.

We spoke with the film's VFX Supervisor, Chris Harvey (Tron: Legacy, Fast and Furious 6), who emphasized that the 3D creature components in the digital assets package "would normally cost a studio to pay a facility tens—if not hundreds—of thousands of dollars,", and that making them available is part of the studio's attempts at "open-source filmmaking." 

Watch Firebase below, and check back tomorrow for our full interview with Harvey, where he discusses creating the practical effects in the film and why he left Hollywood to join Blomkamp on this adventure in genre filmmaking.