New to Gimbals? Here Are a Few Basic Camera Movements You Should Know

Let filmmaker and Vimeo Staff Pick collector Brandon Li teach you a little about the basics of shooting with handheld gimbals.

So, you just took the plunge and bought your first handheld gimbal. Congrats! But now comes the hard part: learning how to use it. In the video below, filmmaker/DP Brandon Li, whose travel videos have been selected for Vimeo Staff Picks (six times!), provides a bunch of great advice that will come in handy as you get comfortable shooting with your gimbal, including how to hold it, settings, and a few basic (but essential) camera moves. Check it out below:

If using a gimbal intimidates you, that's understandable, but it's really not as complicated as you might think. (This is especially true if your gimbal has auto calibration.) Once you get your camera set up and balanced, it's really just a matter of practicing your technique to get nice, smooth footage. You don't need to get the "best," most expensive gimbal out there to get great shots—as Li says, he has worked with five different models and, because he gained experience through practice, was able to achieve great results with all of them.

That's perhaps the best piece of advice he has to share: practice, practice, practice. (You know, that and perfecting the "ninja walk.")

Li uses the Zhiyun Crane V2. If you're curious about which settings he used, he suggests taking a look at this video by Joshua Morin.

Video is no longer available:

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Josh cracks me up, and he demonstrates why I don't by cheap Chinese crap. ... I have wasted so much money ... their documentation is poorly written, incorrect and or doesn't even exist.. their customer service is a nightmare.... If you must, search the internet until you find some great videos demonstrating exactly how to do, use and update whatever you are buying. You'll thank me later. I have bricked a Feiyu Tech gimbal (one of their first series) by missing a step in a firmware update !

July 30, 2017 at 7:14PM