August 17, 2017

8K is a Lie & Will the Controversial Plan to Make Movies Cheap Actually Kill Them?

RED Weapon
This episode of Indie Film Weekly wonders if cameras have reached peak resolution, and if a new plan to let you see unlimited movies in theaters for $10 a month is too good to be true.

Jon Fusco, Emily Buder, and yours truly, Liz Nord discuss whether cameras have maxed out on resolution, a new $10/month movie theater subscription service, Facebook's aim to become the new YouTube, Apple's billion-dollar content investment, and more.

I also answer an Ask No Film School question about what the heck to do with your short film once it's finished, and we hear from the Safdie Brothers about their new film Good Time, which opens in theaters this week.

We also shout out to our own Jon Fusco's Kickstarter campaign for his short film The Guy. Support it here.

As always, the show also brings news you can use about gear, upcoming grant and festival deadlines, weekly words of industry wisdom, this week’s indie film releases, and other notable things you might have missed while you were busy making films.

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We came here to READ an article about the topics in the headline, not wade through a 42-minute audio recording.

Nice spam.

August 28, 2017 at 4:18AM, Edited August 28, 4:19AM

David Gurney

I agree totally. Easier to play a tape than have somebody write something down.

August 28, 2017 at 3:18PM

Bob Byars