Since editing a project from start to finish takes absolutely forever, knowing clever ways to speed up your workflow is an absolute necessity for editors. There are countless methods and techniques that will shave minutes, hours, and even days off of your total editing time, but here are a few to get you started. In this video from Pond5, learn how organization, proxy files, and master clip effects can save you tons of time when you head into post.

Here are the tips from the video:

  • Organize from the start
  • Set your defaults
  • Use proxy files
  • Conform your media
  • Use master clip effects

Though all of these suggestions are great and will most definitely save you some time in post, perhaps one of the most critical things to get in the habit of doing is staying organized in both your physical and digital workspace. It's not only crucial for efficiency, but for accuracy as well because, without well-managed files and folders, important media could will get lost in the shuffle easily.

How do you save time in post? What kinds of tricks and techniques do you use to stay organized and efficient?

Source: Pond5