October 3, 2017
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Stretch Your Doc Production Dollars As Far As Possible with This Tax Incentive Guide

This updated guide to tax incentives from Sundance could help your production save some serious cash.

Last year, the Sundance Documentary Film Program clued us into the fact that, yes, documentarians could indeed take advantage of the same types of state tax incentives that major narrative productions frequently benefit from. Now, the program is back with an even bigger, better version of its useful resource, the Doc Film Money Map 2.0: A Guide To Tax Incentives.

The thirty-page guide is an extremely valuable resource for any doc producer. According to the forward, its aim is to "disrupt the landscape of documentary film finance, to offer a real and meaningful contribution to the growing conversation about sustainability in the field, to stimulate conversation about the relationship between philanthropic, public, and private funding, and to spark the imagination about where funding is and isn’t in the U.S. landscape."

The Sundance guide features an interactive map that enables you to click on each applicable state for comprehensive details of its incentive or rebate programs and a state-by-state comparison chart (pictured abridged below). This version also contains a slew of new and updated resources, including a step-by-step guide for taking advantage of incentives, detailed producer case studies, and a glossary defining terms like "resident buyer" and "carry forward". And if the map graphic isn't for you, there's an alphabetical Cliff's Notes list of each state's program.

Download your Doc Film Money Map here.      

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