How do people usually sell their used cars? Well, if you're like me, you take a bunch of horrible photos of the battered exterior and crusty interior, try to remember all of the pertinent specifications of the make, model, and year, and then head online to write a super boring ad on Craigslist listing it for its KBB value or best offer. Then, after many agonizingly silent weeks or months, someone reaches out wanting to buy your hooptie-ass crapwagon for much less than you're willing to sell it for, but who cares, right, because you're so done with the whole miserable process.

Or, if you're like director Max Lanman, you go out and shoot the most epic used car commercial, go viral, and end up getting offered 68x what the car is actually worth. Like a boss!

Lanman decided to help his girlfriend sell her 1996 Honda Accord (named "Greenie"), but instead of posting an ad online like a normal person, he went all out and got a crew together to shoot a full-scale car commercial, complete with gorgeous drone shots along winding stretches of coastal highway, close-ups of interior features, and a cameo by a beautiful, fluffy, white Persian.

After putting the ad up on eBay, Lanman's video went viral and bids for the car, which KBB lists at around $2000, have skyrocketed to reach $135,800—for a 1996 Honda Accord! Clearly, this filmmaker is doing something (or everything) right, because in this case, luxury really is a state of mind.

Source: Max Lanman