Cable cams are awesome and can help you capture shots that would otherwise be impossible, but most of these systems are crazy expensive and difficult to set-up. However, the Wiral LITE is a cable cam that is not only affordable but is also easy to use and small and light enough to take with you wherever you go.

Most cable cam systems usually require hours of prep and multiple operators, but Wiral LITE sets up in minutes and folds down small enough to fit in your backpack and, according to the company's press release, can be operated by a five-year-old.

The Wiral LITE is currently on Kickstarter, but has already surpassed its $30K goal 25 times over. (It's up to $764K as of right now.) Check out the campaign video to learn more. 

The cable cam is controlled remotely. You can adjust the velocity of the unit to reach speeds of up to 28mph, shoot time lapses with three different speed modes (minimum of 0.006mph), and mark end stops so the Wiral LITE stops when you want it to. It's compatible with action cams, smartphones, and mirrorless cameras of up to 3.3 lbs, and has a battery life of up to 3 hours. Set-up and tear down takes minutes, thanks in part to the Wiral's patented "Quick Reel."





Here's a video that shows you how to use the Wiral LITE:

And here are a few sweet shots captured using the unit:

It feels a bit strange talking about a cable cam system when all we've been talking about for the last four years are drones and 3-axis gimbals, but falling out of style doesn't equal becoming obsolete. There are major benefits of shooting with a cable cam, including being able to get challenging shots, as well as shooting in places where drones can't go, like at indoor events, narrow spaces, and "busy" areas with lots of obstacles.

 At $200 a pop, this definitely sounds like a worthy campaign to check out. If you're seriously considering getting your hands on one, though, you'll want to hurry, since that price is Kickstarter only. Plan to spend around $400 when you buy it retail.

Source: Kickstarter