Isn't life good when your brain seems to be a wellspring of creativity and good ideas? Yeah—and then the tap runs dry and your brain shrivels up into what is basically a crunched up piece of paper with shitty ideas and life, you begin to realize, has no meaning. To avoid this kind of nihilism, it'd benefit us all to learn a few ways to combat this creatively arid season, and StudioBinder has just the resource to help you.

It's a nifty infographic that gives you 30 ways to come up with new and exciting film ideas when your own efforts are leaving you wanting, nay, needing more. However, instead of giving you mere story prompts, it shows you how and where to look to find potential stories. Some examples include taking note of cheap/free locations to which you have access, browsing Wiki articles, and making mood boards.

It basically takes the Dogme 95 philosophy and repackages it for screenwriters who need some inspiration. So, instead of trying to create a story out of millions of possibilities, you're only given a few. That limitation can actually help ignite your creativity and lead to a really great start on a story.

StudioBinder is offering the infographic as a free download, so feel free to save it, print it, and use it to your heart's content.

30 Ways to Brainstorm Short Film Ideas You Can Actually Produce

Source: StudioBinder