Each year, NoBudge, a breeding ground for experimental and alternative work, has its founder Kentucker Audley hand out a number of awards further highlighting excellence in low-budget filmmaking. Late last week, the 2017 award winners were selected, and we encourage you to check out this year's slate. Each film is available to view free of charge over at NoBudge.com.

Spirit of NoBudge Awards

If you'd like to get a sense of the work NoBudge highlights, check out three of the award-winners below, including the hilarious and ineffable Ford Clitaurus (directed by MP Cunningham)the powerfully acted and painfully relevant The Mess He Made from director Matthew Puccini , and the complex I Was There Too, featured on No Film School with an interview with director Joey Izzo.

While awards may seem relatively arbitrary, the intent is pure and instrumental in maintaining a healthy independent film ecosystem. To submit your film to NoBudge's ever-growing catalog of quality low-budget work, go here.