ARRI Skypanels are some of the leading LED light fixtures on the market. With a color temperature range of 2,800-10,000K, full gamut color mixing, and hue and saturation control, this piece of equipment is about as versatile as one can get. Now with the new SkyPanel FIrmware 4, ARRI is turning the SkyPanel into even more of color precision instrument and a must-have on set. 

The new firmware update provides ten new features including:

  • FInd the exact color you're looking for with ease and precision via Extended Color Control
  • Light Engine DMX Control provides segmented control of the SkyPanel
  • Four additional pre-programmed lighting effects
  • Onboard Control Panel allows for x,y Coordinate color selection

Extended Color control gives its users full control of its color.  Pick any digital gel, HSI value, or color temperature and use the eight new color adjustments to finely tune until you have the desired color. These adjustments include warmer/cooler, saturate/desaturate, +/- red, +/- green, +/- blue. +/- cyan, +/- magenta, +/- yellow. This is available through the onboard control panel or DMX.

Depending on the model of SkyPanel, the LED fixture will contain a certain amount of engines. This new update now gives its user full control of each individual light engine via new DMX modes. This practically turns your one SkyPanel into many with parameters like CCT & RGBW, HSI, or x,y Coordinates, allowing for many more programming possibilities.

The new update also provides 17 pre-programmed lighting effects. This has been one of SkyPanels' most celebrated attributes and now has even more options including explosion, welding, process, fluorescent flicker, and even cop car making this a must-have on your film set. 

The X, Y Coordinate Mode has always allowed its user to find the exact color they were looking for or match a color measured on a spectrometer. Now with the new update, you can do this via DMX and can now also be adjusted using the onboard control panel.

Along with these come vastly improved DMX behavior and usage, fixes in minor bugs, and custom RGBW white point. The new SkyPanel Firmware 4 provides a nice performance update making the SkyPanel the Renaissance man of lighting fixtures, for both live performances or for your next film.  Download it here.

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