Who needs to wait until the calendar hits October 31st to make a horror film? As American audiences pushed John Krasinski's A Quiet Place to number one at the box office earlier this month, it's become clear that genre films are the perfect entertainment for any time of year.

Heck, Blumhouse's Truth or Dare opened last week on Friday the 13th and Sundance breakout Hereditary is preparing to take the world by storm on June 8th (perhaps we'll see you at The First Purge on July 4th?). It's a genre with limitless possibilities, and, as further success comes its way, a catalyst for inspiring the next generation of filmmakers looking to have their terrifying vision come to the silver screen.

With the announcing of its Communal Nightmares Crowdfunding Rally, the good folks at Seed&Spark, a tireless, filmmaker-friendly crowdfunding and SVOD organization, 3311 Productions (It Follows), and distributor The Orchard (Creep) want to help make yours. If chosen, $25,000, a first-look distribution deal, and experienced Executive Producers could be coming your way.

Orchard-889845394716-full-image_gallerybackground-en-us-1491240827788Patrick Brice's 'Creep,' courtesy of The Orchard.

Here's how you can enter: You will first need to create a Seed&Spark campaign for your feature-length horror film idea by Tuesday, May 1st (be passionate and exciting and slightly scary). If your campaign is approved, it will be live from May 14th-June 15th.

Throughout those four weeks, you will need to raise a minimum of $7,500 for your campaign, in addition to proving that there's a strong potential audience by gaining 1,000 campaign Followers (campaign contributors are included in your Follower count)

If you make it that far, you will officially be a campaign finalist and asked to make a 30-second video update identifying why your project is blood-dripping-ready to go into production and why it requires the genre of horror to be told. If chosen, your film gets $25,000 for production purposes, a first-look distribution deal with The Orchard, and Executive Producers roles provided by The Orchard and 3311 Productions.

The deadline to apply is May 1st, 2018, so submit your campaign and be sure to make something truly horrific. Good luck!

For more information on how to apply, click here.