Controlling bounced light can be a challenge, a challenge that The Light Bridge, a company founded by the lighting crew of DP Christian Berger, aims to overcome with the CRLS reflector system. These aluminum bounce cards are specially made to not only reflect 97% or light without changing color temperature but to also create less fall off and spill, all resulting in your light having a more natural feel.

To put it simply, the CRLS system makes it possible to reflect more light in a more controlled and accurate way without needing to use additional sources or a ton of flags (to reduce spill).

CRLS comes in four different diffusion levels: Black (minimum), Blue (median), Violet (medium), and White (maximum), as well as two modulators: Green (creates a soft stripe of light) and Red (creates a hard stripe of light).

Prices range from $500 to $3730 depending on which kit you go with. Head on over to The Light Bridge's website to learn more.

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