Motion Array was already a one-stop shop for all your stock footage and Adobe template needs, but now the company is taking things a step even further by introducing two new services that are totally free for members to use.

Now, in addition to Premiere Pro templates, After Effects templates, stock video, and stock music, you'll getReview, a real-time video collaboration tool, and Portfolio, a portfolio-hosting website platform designed specifically for video creators. The additional Review and Portfolio features have been incorporated into all subscription plans for no additional fee. These features can use your own domain address or the provided domain address. They don't use the URL, so your clients only see your branding, and not Motion Array’s. The way it should be.


With the amazing video review system, you can upload your work and get real-time, frame-accurate feedback from your clients. Password protect your projects, upload multiple versions, and turn comments into checklists. This makes the video review process easier for everyone involved.

The best way to think of Review is kind of like a Google Docs but for video. It eliminates the hassle of having to export and share video over email and condenses the entire collaborating process into one big happy cloud-sharing experience.


Making stunning websites with Motion Array's Portfolio website builder is easy and intuitive. Drag and drop your images and videos, change the text inline, and add and remove entire sections with a single click.  Portfolio supports video covers and parallax scrolling to help give your video portfolio website that super sleek, immersive look. It’s also fully customizable, so you can tweak your website to whatever style, typeface, or color shade your heart desires. 

What's more, personalized domain names are thrown in for free! Use your own domain. No coding required. It is built by video makers, for video makers.

The real beauty of these two new services is that you’ll no longer have to jump back and forth between multiple subscription-based services just to get your job done. Motion Array provides the assets to create videos, a system to streamline your review and approval process, and a video website builder for hosting both your videos and your website.

Comb through their extensive marketplace right here.