Traveling is stressful enough without the added burden of having to load up all of your necessary gear for a shoot. You take off without your sunscreen, whatever, you buy more at the store across from your hotel, but if you take off without your portable LED light, clamps, or ball heads, well, let's just say Walgreens probably can't help you.

This video from Creative North shows you a bunch of different must-haves that are not only essential for travel filmmaking but are also easy to forget and leave behind in your rush to make it to the airport. Check it out below: 

Okay, more obvious things like a camera, lenses, filters, chargers, batteries, and things like that don't make it on this list, which is kind of a good thing. These items are the things you may not have ever thought to bring with you when you travel to shoot a project, or, honestly, are so friggin' small and unimpressive-looking that you completely space on putting them in your suitcase.

So, here's the list from the video:

All of this stuff can definitely come in handy when working far from home base, but perhaps the most valuable items on the list is all the grip equipment—SuperClamps, compact clamps, Sticky Stuff, even gaff tape—all of these things can and probably will save your buns when you're shooting with limited access to equipment. In fact, I'd bring along Gear Ties, too, because they're cheap, strong, and super portable.

Anybody who travels often for shoots has their own personal list of "essential travel filmmaking" items." What do you bring when you have to travel for a shoot? Let us know down below.

Source: Creative North