While the old adage "dying is easy, comedy is hard," may or may not be true (we'd be damned if we put the theory to the test), we're pretty sure that coming up with a successful comedic concept can prove a challenge. As humor is subjective, knowing whether or not you're "getting it right" can be a frustrating and thought-consuming endeavor. 

Luckily for the humorists out there, the team at Big Vision Empty Wallet are now accepting submissions for its upcoming Comedy Series Lab, an extensive pitch-building process that culminates in New York City on September 13th and 14th.

Featuring a pitching workshop and live pitch session in which representatives from Comedy Central, Refinery29, TruTV, and the Writer's Guild of America East (WGAE) will be on hand to provide feedback and potentially become involved in your project, the Lab is currently seeking pitch submissions through this Monday, July 30th. 


If you have yet to make make a comedy pilot, that's totally fine! You need not be in production on the project you're submitting with, and in fact, you shouldn't be. As long as you have an outstanding pitch and a strong commitment to inclusivity in-front-of-and-behind the camera, you will be good to go.

To apply, you will need to submit a brief bio, an "explanation of your unique voice and POV as a creator,"  and a pitch that encompasses at least one of the below.

Your pitch must consist of at least one of the following:

  • Comedy series that feature a strong female lead
  • Half-hour format-driven shows (i.e. late night shows, shows that weave performance and narrative, hosted shows, game shows) 
  • Hybrid scripted/unscripted half-hour shows
  • Comedies that take viewers into unexpected worlds
  • Educational/informative comedy series that incorporate audience take-aways
  • Half hour comedy series that have a strong POV and are socially or politically relevant
  • Comedic narratives that show women rising to the challenge through unexpected explorations of female ambition

Further requirements regarding the specific criteria that will be considered are listed on the organization's website. If selected, you will be refining your pitch with the Big Vision Empty Wallet team in anticipation of the live pitch in New York City this September (travel and accommodations are not provided). 

Submissions are currently being accepted through Monday, July 30th. For more information on the Lab, click here