Doesn't it always seem like the cooler the effect, the harder it is to create? Naturally, this is the case because cool effects are more often than not incredibly intricate and complicated, requiring hundreds of adjustments, corrections, and finely tuned tweaks to make them just right. However, there are a few really impressive effects that you can pull off without a whole lot of legwork. In this video, Jordy Vandeput of Cinecom shows you how to create five in-camera effects that are so simple that you can pretty much just pick up your camera and go. Check it out below:

Even if your next film doesn't have any flying in it and you don't really see yourself trying to recreate Harry Potter flying around on a broom in your backyard, the other effects on the list are much more versatile and offer much more creative mileage. (Then again, I'm not the most imaginative person in the world, so I'm sure you could figure out a cool use for that Harry Potter effect.)

Here are the effects Vandeput covers in the video:

  • Bullet-time effect: This effect was made popular when it appeared in The Matrix, but it has plenty of great applications, from sports to music videos. There are many different ways to create it, too. Here are some alternative techniques you can try.
  • Infinite zoom: Chances are you first saw this effect in a music video. It's simple to create and serves as a stylish transition from one scene to another.
  • Flying Harry Potter effect: I mean, it's not the cleanest (or most believable) flying effect, but hey, you might enjoy the ride (of making it).
  • Forced perspective: If you want to shrink your subjects or make them gigantic, forced perspective is a great practical way to do it. For more in-depth tutorials, check these out.
  • Hyperlapse: Hyperlapses are basically timelapses if timelapses decided, "Screw this, I'm going for a walk." This tutorial will help you create quite possibly the coolest hyperlapse ever made.

What are some other simple in-camera practical effects? Let us know down below.

Source: Cinecom