Some stories—some of your stories, in fact—are just meant to live beyond the screen. With the new possibilities of Extended Reality (XR), we have more ways to imagine and tell our stories than ever before. (XR is an umbrella term for all the other “Rs”: virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality). Here’s the catch: many of us may have played with a VR headset or two, seen something cool in AR at a film festival, and been inspired, but don’t really know how to overcome the barrier to entry for translating our story ideas into one of these media. 

The XR Alliance has gathered a super useful list of resource links that will help you get started.

That’s where the XR Alliance comes in. This impressive team of XR producers believes that now is the time where even newbies can make a real impact on the field because there’s not enough high-quality XR content out there to feed a hungry audience. In an effort to encourage you to “break rules and explore the limitless potential immersive mediums offer,” the XR Alliance is holding a screenwriting contest for interactive and linear XR experiences in any genre. And they're providing the resources to help you get started, too.

What is Required for Entry?

Applicants must provide a longline, synopsis, and maximum 10-minute script for an XR experience.  Even if you don’t have a script written specifically for XR, they welcome traditional scripts that have been adapted into XR. You’re also encouraged to submit supplemental materials that help illustrate your idea. Examples given are Unity project files, 3D Models, story paths, storyboards, inspiration boards…or even a napkin scribble.

What is the Prize?

Winners receive an invitation for free participation in the Alliance’s XR Development Lab in Palm Springs, CA, where they are paired with mentors to further develop and refine their XR experiences in a collaborative weekend. The judges and mentors include some folks who are invested in this growing industry and could really help get your project off the ground—including pros from the likes of Google, Within, Technicolor, Unity, and more.

XR Development LabThe setting of the XR Development Lab in Palm Springs, CA.

Who is Eligible?

According to the site, anyone with a great idea and interest in developing an XR story is eligible, no matter what your level of experience. In fact, they encourage those that are new to the field to apply, stating “We are looking for amazing writers to nurture into the next generation of XR storytellers.” Age and nationality requirements are not specified.

How Do I Start?

Even if you have no idea how to put your XR idea on paper, the Alliance has gathered a super useful list of resource links that will help you get started. These include everything from basic tips on how to write for XR, to templates for scripts and story archives, to technical definitions, to case studies. Studying this resource page is an excellent crash course in immersive storytelling. The contest’s FAQ page also supplies two sample scripts for your reference.

What is the Deadline?

Even if you’re just getting started, you have some time to get your application materials together, as the final deadline is September 30, 2018. So reach out to with any questions and get your script started today! Good luck.

Source: The XR Alliance