It seems that many short films even after they wrap a successful shoot never end up seeing the light of day. And why is that? Because they dry up in the post-production process.

Whether it's for lack of money, lack of inspiration, lack of enthusiasm, or just plain destitution at what your footage has revealed, the sad truth is that may directors decide to leave their precious projects on the cutting room floor.  All their time and effort, wasted, for not.

On the final episode of The First Short, I'm joined by my editor Tam Le to discuss our own trying experiences over our nine-months of post-production and make sure that this never happens to you.

We cover:

  •  The ideal relationship between editor and director.
  •  Why a director should attempt to edit their film.
  •  How to identify what needs to be cut.
  •  How to establish tone and pacing.

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This episode was edited by Jon Fusco.