As noted in my in-depth Flowtech 75 review, I hopefully speculated on a larger size of the innovative lightweight tripod legs. As its name suggests, the Flowtech 100 MS is the 100mm bowl version of the same 75mm legs. The features, build quality, and functionality of the Flowtech 100 is identical to its smaller brother, but it has a newly designed mid-level spreader and carry handle accessory (also compatible with the 75), as well as a handful of other improvements.

Since I had already tested the 75, I thought I'd just give a brief anecdotal overview of the 100's actual usability in a real-world scenario. I was loading on a 16mm short film driving across Nevada for 3 days in late September and I threw the Flowtech 100 in the camera car. The tripod's lightweight, fast deployment, and low-profile functionality were incredibly handy during three scenarios that cropped up on us:

  • Losing light fast (and without enough time to retrieve a heavy tripod), the Flowtech was grabbed from a car and ran (full speed) back to location where we set up and deployed a time-lapse shot on an A7iii before the sun went behind the mountain.

    Sachtler Flowtech 100 Low-ModeThe weight and low-mode capability of the tripod saved a shot just in time.

  • A crew member was able to deploy this tripod in total darkness (before 5am), having never used the tripod before, for a sunrise shot.
  • We quickly mounted a camera outside a car window using the flexibility of the independently adjustable legs.

    Sachtler Flowtech 100 Car RigRigging a car window with the flexible Flowtech legs + counterweight.

Flowtech 100 Mid-Level Spreader

Flowtech 100 vs Flowtech 75 (same tripod, but stronger):

  • The new mid-level spreader is intuitive and quick to use.
  • The redesigned clasps at the top of the 100 feel stronger and less plasticky.
  • The legs on the 100 also feel stronger and stiffer.
  • The newly designed 100mm bowl is stronger.
  • Can use a SpeedLevel Clamp with the 100, not with 75.
  • Comes standard with carry handle accessory.

Notable specs:

  • 100mm bowl for tripods with 100mm ball
  • Two stage, three section carbon fiber legs that range from 20"-60"
  • Holds up to 66lbs
  • Weighs 9.04lbs
  • Independently Adjustable Legs
  • $3,277 (B&H October 3rd, 2018)

Sachtler Flowtech 100 Tripod Legs

If you're looking for more details on the features of the tripod, it shares the same features outlined in our Flowtech 75 review. After using these tripods extensively, I think it's an exciting and useful product line and I'm happy to see a larger version on the market.

Though expensive, In terms of speed and ease of use, I haven't found anything better for lightweight to middleweight rigs. Will there be a 150mm version for heavy duty rigs in the works? Now that would make things really interesting...