While we're one week out from the latest installment in the hugely popular (and revitalized) Halloween franchise arriving in theaters, there have been some non-spoilery tricklings coming in of what to expect.

Universal Studios has enlisted John Carpenter (who contributes to the score for the 2018 sequel in a major way) to discuss, along with his son—musician Cody Carpenter—why the music of the franchise has lasted the test of time, continuing to be an unwavering example of what a score can do to influence mood and style. Let's be honest: when you hear the main theme for Halloween (1978), your ears perk up and you're enveloped in a sudden mindset of dread and terror. Even without context, the music is soft and yet harrowing, unobtrusive and yet ready to burst your eardrums in an oddly beautiful display of menace.

That's one of the gifts of Carpenter's musical talents, and below is a taste of both how he works and how he has updated/modernized his classic score for the latest iteration presented by David Gordon Green. After that video, you will be treated to two themes Carpenter composed (or revitalized) for this latest sequel. 

Are you excited for the new Halloween? Do you appreciate the subtle updates to the original score? Let us know in the comments below.