We still have several months to go before April Fool's Day, but any time is a good time to poke fun at what's popular in the indie filmmaking community. The focus of today's delicious satire: camera hack videos.

We've all seen a couple (hundred) videos on YouTube that show you a handful of cool camera "hacks" and tricks, like using a T-shirt as a slider or a shower curtain as a diffuser. I know I've seen a ton of them and have even shared many here on the site, and while a lot of them are really helpful and offer plenty of useful tips, others can be rather ridiculous and deliberately random. 

If you've noticed this trend, then you should take a look at this camera hack video from I did a thing's Alex, which lampoons the shit out of camera hack videos while being a strangely (and perhaps unintentionally?) helpful camera hack video.

Look, I know this video is trying to be funny but to be real, these satirical ideas are actually kinda good. I'm not ashamed to say it! I don't give a damn if a hack, tip, or trick is super contrived and absurd. If it works, I'mma try it. I have half a mind to mount my GoPro on my kid's head right now and wheelbarrow her all over my house. No joke.

The point here is, yeah, some of these videos, especially the ones that take themselves too seriously, are bound to get some eye-rolls, but hey, if something works, then it works. I'm not saying throw out your sweet camera slider for a stick of half-melted butter, but what I am saying is that there is more than one way to skin a can...or shoot a film...or acquire camera equipment. (Editor's Note: Do not acquire camera equipment by stealing it while wearing a balaclava.)

Source: I did a thing